Video presentations from the 2nd European Conference “Post-Polio Syndrome – a condition without boundaries” are available on The Informed Scientist website and access from this page has been permitted.

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Pathophysiology of post-polio syndrome - new avenues for treatmentFrans Nollet
Pathophysiology of Post-Polio Syndrome – New Avenues for Treatment?
(11 mins 44 secs)
Treatment of young polio survivors in and outside EuropeKristian Borg, MD, PhD
Treatment of Young Polio Survivors In and Outside Europe
(9 mins 50 secs)
Ventilatory support in patients with post-polio syndromeMichael Gaytant, MD, PhD
Ventilatory Support in Patients with Post-Polio Syndrome
(19 mins 0 secs)
How to assess walking in persons with late effects of polioChristina Brogardh
How to Assess Walking in Persons with Late Effects of Polio
(15 mins 26 secs)
Exercise - from theory to practiceDeirdre Murray, PhD, et al
Exercise – From Theory to Practice
(10 mins 51 secs)
Cardiorespiratory exerciseEric Voorn
Cardiorespiratory Exercise
(12 mins 35 secs)
PTU rehabilitation centreMerete Bertelsen
PTU’s Rehabilitation Centre
(26 mins 9 secs)
Aging and muscle function including sarcopeniaJan Lexell, MD, PhD
Aging and Muscle Function Including Sarcopenia
(19 mins 58 secs)
OsteoporosisHelena Burger, MD, PhD
(17 mins 33 secs)
Medication for co-morbidityLise Kay, MD
Medication for Co-Morbidity
(13 mins 59 secs)
Managing pain in polioDr Vincent Tiffreau
Managing Pain in Polio
(24 mins 15 secs)
The effects of a home-based arm ergometry exercise programme on physical fitness, fatigue and activity in polio survivorsDeirdre Murray, PhD
The Effects of a Home-Based Arm Ergometry Exercise Programme on Physical Fitness, Fatigue and Activity in Polio Survivors
(13 mins 14 secs)
Exercise therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to improve fatigue in ppsFieke Koopman et al
Exercise Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Improve Fatigue in Post-Polio Syndrome
(11 mins 33 secs)
IVIG treatment in post-polio patients in DenmarkPeter Arlien Soborg, MD
IVIG Treatment in Post-Polio Patients in Denmark
(9 mins 2 secs)
Restless legs syndrome in patients with poliomyelitisE Portell et al
Restless Legs Syndrome in Patients with Poliomyelitis
(11 mins 29 secs)
Physiotherapy and occupational therapyMerete Bertelsen
Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
(56 mins 35 secs)
Orthopedic surgery in post-polio syndromeMatthias Schafroth
Orthopedic Surgery in Post-Polio Syndrome
(26 mins 13 secs)
Orthopaedic surgery in young polio survivorsDr Jagdish Patwa
Orthopedic Surgery in Young Polio Survivors
(27 mins 53 secs)
Anesthesiology - a risk in post-polio syndromeLise Kay, MD
Anesthesiology: A Risk in PPS?
(25 mins 44 secs)
Physical activity in persons with late effects of polioCecilia Winberg et al
Physical Activity in Persons with Late Effects of Polio
(10 mins 28 secs)
National survey on health and living conditions in Norwegian polio survivors - a 20-year follow-upLillian Festvaag et al
National Survey on Health and Living Conditions in Norwegian Polio Survivors – A 20-Year Follow-Up
(16 mins 43 secs)
Future outlooks for the management of polio survivorsJan Lexell, MD, PhD
Future Outlooks for the Management of Polio Survivors
(15 mins 21 secs)
Summary of main conference resultsKristian Borg and John McFarlane
Summary of Main Conference Results
(7 mins 56 secs)