After the successful first European Polio Conference ‘Post-Polio Syndrome, A Challenge Of Today’ in September 2011, in Copenhagen, the scope of the present Conference was broadened to cover all health care issues of poliomyelitis: from the global health perspective to successfully complete the endgame of the eradication of the polio virus, to the needs and treatment of polio survivors from young to old in low- and high-income countries.

The Conference theme refers to the fact that many of the estimated 20 million people around the world, who are disabled by polio, have or may develop post-polio syndrome, that is characterized by late, progressive decline in muscle function, resulting in increasing disability, later on in life.

Amsterdam 2014 Abstracts

Conference Abstracts
This special issue of the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine contains details of the Conference Program and presenters, together with all abstracts.


Conference Videos
Videos of presentations at the Conference have been made freely available to all on The Informed Scientist website. A selection of the videos is accessible here.

Poster Presentation

Polio Australia Poster
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