Jill PickeringJill was born in England in 1946, contracted polio in 1955 and qualified in Occupational therapy during 1968. After working for 2 years in England as an OT she immigrated to Melbourne, Australia and worked in several different areas using her Occupational Therapy skills before retiring in 2000 due to limitations from Post-Polio Syndrome.

After a few months adjusting to her new situation Jill found a satisfying life style mixing voluntary work with other interests. She came to Polio Australia in February 2011 as a volunteer after volunteering one day a week for 10 years at Polio Network Victoria (a service of Independence Australia). In addition to volunteering with Polio Australia, Jill is also a member of Post Polio Victoria.

Jill has been passionate about horses since learning to horse ride as part of her polio rehabilitation and enjoys providing voluntary support as President of the Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA). The ABA is made up of dedicated volunteer groups across Australia who take on gentling and re-homing Australia’s brumbies (wild horses). Jill’s additional hobbies include horse riding, gardening, travelling and keeping up with friends in Australia and family in England.