Polio Australia is this country’s only national organisation representing the interests of Australia’s 400,000 polio survivors. Polio Australia provides information, education and support services to polio survivors, their families and carers, and the health professionals who treat them.

From its inception Polio Australia has been providing funding proposals and submissions to the federal government. To date, no funding has been forthcoming – polio survivors, Australia’s largest group of people with physical disabilities, remain totally unsupported by the government.

Polio Australia continues to separately apply for project and operational funding through philanthropic sources. We are also establishing a productive and mutually-beneficial relationship with Rotary Clubs and Districts.

Funding Proposals Funding Submissions Budget Submissions

Since 2007, representatives of Polio Australia have been travelling to Canberra at least once a year to advocate for specialised services to satisfy the unmet needs of polio survivors. Funding is also urgently required for Polio Australia itself to properly resource our unique and important services.

The PDF documents below represent just some of the supporting material which has been left with the Parliamentarians across party lines to whom we have spoken over the years. To date, no funding has resulted for either Polio Australia or for polio-specific support services.

Proposal to Support Australia's Polio Survivors - June 2013
Download PDF - 2013
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We're Still Here - October 2012
Download PDF - 2012
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Polio Australia - Leading Polio Services into the Future - Proposal - June 2011
Download PDF - 2011
File Size: 833.2 KB

Polio Australia - Polio-Forgotten, But Not Gone - Proposal - March 2010
Download PDF - 2010
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Polio Australia - Health and Disability Services for Polio Survivors - Proposal November 2009
Download PDF - 2009
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Polio Australia Funding Submission - 22 September 2008
Download PDF - 2008
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Polio Australia - A National Voice - Proposal - September 2007
Download PDF - 2007
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In addition to the funding proposals presented directly to the government, Polio Australia has also put considerable resources into preparing four major funding submissions in response to the only relevant funding rounds conducted by the Department of Social Services and the Department of Health and Ageing:

Post-Polio Practices for the 21st Century

Aged Care Service Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants – 2014

The Late Effects of Polio – Best Practice Clinical Recommendation Modules

Health System Capacity Development Fund – 2012

The Prevention, Early Intervention and Management of the Late Effects of Polio

Chronic Disease Prevention and Service Improvement Fund – 2012

Living and thriving with the late effects of polio: Australia-wide 3 day residential retreats

Education of Consumers in Chronic Disease Self-Management and Lifestyle Risk Factor Modification – 2009
(submitted in partnership with Polio NSW)

Relevant extracts from these funding submissions can be downloaded below. Despite the effort put into preparing these detailed and cogently argued submissions, none of them has been successful. It is not known when, or if, any future applicable funding rounds will be announced.

DSS Aged Care Grants
Download PDF - 2014
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LEoP Best Practice Clinical Recommendation Modules
Download PDF - 2012
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Prevention, Early Intervention and Management of LEoP
Download PDF - 2012
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Chronic Disease Self-Management
Download PDF - 2009
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In response to government invitations to the Australian community to have input into Budget deliberations, Polio Australia lodged the following submissions. The aim was to raise the profile of the late effects of polio and start to quantify the funding required to meet the needs of polio survivors on at least a basic level. No feedback was received in regard to the submissions, and neither resulted in funding becoming available.

2010-2011 Budget Submission
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2008-2009 Budget Submission
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