Post-Polio Health Professionals
Meet our Clinical Advisory Group and if you are a polio-knowledgeable expert health care professional please add your details to the Health Professionals Register.

Post-Polio Resources
View Australian and international online, printed and video resources to learn more about the late effects of polio - symptoms, diagnosis and clinical practice.

Post-Polio Research
Read full papers and summaries of polio and post-polio research from around the world, across more than 40 categories, with full search capability.

Professional Development Workshops
Do you know how to recognise polio’s late effects and assist your clients to manage them? Enhance your knowledge by attending a Clinical Practice Workshop.

European Conf Group
Post-Polio Conferences
In recent years there have been four international post-polio conferences held - in Europe (2011, 2014), the USA (2014) and Australia (2016). Abstracts and videos are available.

Australian Polio Register
Polio Australia encourages every polio survivor living in Australia today to join the Australian Polio Register.

About Polio
Poliomyelitis is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. Polio survivors are now experiencing the “Late Effects of Polio”.

About Polio Australia
Polio Australia is committed to standardising quality polio information and service provision for polio survivors.

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Polio Australia's Publications
As well as its clinical practice resources, Polio Australia publishes a wide range of other material in support of polio survivors.