The information contained in this Register is presented by Polio Australia for the purpose of disseminating information to people seeking health professionals with an interest in the late effects of polio.

Polio Australia works with medical practitioners and allied health professionals to promote activities which will raise awareness of the late effects of polio/post-polio syndrome. We achieve this through continuing professional development opportunities for practising health professionals, as well as patient education.

Polio Australia recognises that not all clients/patients and consulting health professionals are ideally matched. Therefore, we encourage consulting a variety of practitioners to find an effective health partner.

Health Professionals Register
Health professionals with experience and interest in the diagnosis and management of the late effects of polio are invited to add your service details to the Register.

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Whether you are a health professional or a polio survivor, you can search the Register for polio-knowledgeable health professionals in your area.

Australian Post-Polio Clinics
Although few and far between, there are some clinics (both public and private) providing services to polio survivors in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

More Information
Polio Australia’s clinical practice modules and other Australian and international publications and videos are comprehensive resources for health professionals.

Polio Australia monitors the quality of the information available on this Register and updates the information regularly. However, Polio Australia does not make any representation or warranty about the service quality and expertise of the health professionals registered, nor the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any material contained on this website or on any linked site.