Video presentations from the 1st European Conference “Post Polio Syndrome – a challenge of today” are available on The Informed Scientist website and access from this page has been permitted.

Click a graphic below to go to the presentation on The Informed Scientist website that you are interested in viewing (each video shows the presenter speaking together with a display of the illustrative slides used).

Australia's Health & Wellness RetreatsMary-ann Liethof
Australia’s Polio Health and Wellness Retreat
(15 mins 21 secs)
Anesthesia for post-polio patients_500x375Selma H Calmes, MD
Anesthesia for Post-Polio Patients
(25 mins 26 secs)
Respiration and sleepMichael Laub, MD, PhD, Dr Med Sc
Respiration and Sleep
(20 mins 23 secs)
Pain in polio survivorsKatharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen, MD
Pain in Polio Survivors
(22 mins 17 secs)
Impact of comorbidity, aging and lifestyle-related factors in polio survivorsIrene Tersteeg, MD, et al
Impact of Comorbidity, Aging and Lifestyle-Related Factors in Polio Survivors
(16 mins 10 secs)
Voiding and bowel problemsLise Kay, MD
Voiding and Bowel Problems
(21 mins 15 secs)
Falls in polio survivorsAlice Bickerstaffe, MD, et al
Falls in Polio Survivors
(19 mins 59 secs)
The puschological aspects of polio survivors through their life experienceAlain Yelnik, MD, PhD
The Psychological Aspects of Polio Survivors Through Their Life Experience
(20 mins 56 secs)
Orthosis managementBarbara Bocker, MD, et al
Latest News in Orthotics
for Polio Survivors

(19 mins 37 secs)
Light-weight full-contact carbon leg orthosesKees Noppe, CPO
Designing and Manufacturing
Light-Weight Full-Contact Carbon
Leg Orthoses

(40 mins 53 secs)