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The health issues for ageing polio survivors and young polio survivors differ. In young polio survivors the challenge is to prevent and treat severe deformities, to reduce disability, and to improve social participation. In ageing polio survivors, management focuses on preserving independence and quality of life. International post-polio conferences have previously been held in the USA by Post-Polio Health International (11 since 1981), and in Europe through the European Polio Union (2 held in 2011-Copenhagen and 2014-Amsterdam).

The first ever Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference – “Polio: Life Stage Matters” held in Sydney in September 2016 was a forum to facilitate better care and build international connections by bringing together health care providers, researchers, polio survivors and their caregivers not only from the Australasia-Pacific region, but worldwide. The aim of the Conference was to exchange knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of the post-polio condition in different age groups to best preserve functioning throughout life.

Sydney 2016 Abstracts
Conference Abstracts
This special issue of the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine contains details of the Conference Program and presenters, together with all abstracts.

Conference Report
A report on the 2016 Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference.

Conference Videos
Videos recorded by Post-Polio Health International at the 2016 Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference - "Polio: Life Stage Matters".