In 2014, following its 11th International Conference "Promoting Healthy Ideas", Post-Polio Health International produced a video series entitled "Post-Polio Experts Present". These informational videos are presented by dedicated experts who have significant experience in managing post-polio problems and in advocating for the survivors of polio. The presenters provide information and advice to the health professionals who treat polio survivors and also to survivors and their families. The series was underwritten by a grant from the Roosevelt Warm Springs Foundation.

Post-Polio Health International has generously given Polio Australia permission to embed the videos on this website. To view each video and learn more about the presenter, click on the images below.

BachJohn R Bach, MD
Ways to Avoid Respiratory Complications of Postpoliomyelitis
(27 mins 41 secs)
BeckerLawrence C Becker, PhD
Developing a Personal Philosophy about Disability
(16 mins 35 secs)
CalmesSelma Calmes, MD
Polio and Anesthesia
(29 mins 46 secs)
DeMayoWilliam M DeMayo, MD
Sleep Hygiene
(28 mins 4 secs)
JonesCyndi Jones, MDiv
Spirituality in Disability
(20 mins 17 secs)
KingAudrey J King, MA (Psych)
Growing Older with Grace
(15 mins 8 secs)
MachellStephanie T Machell, PsyD
(14 mins 18 secs)
MaynardFrederick M Maynard, MD
Components of a
Post-Polio Evaluation

(35 mins 59 secs)
OlkinRhoda Olkin, PhD
Disability Affirmative Therapy
(22 mins 47 secs)
StothersWilliam G Stothers
Self-Advocacy and
Community Advocacy

(19 mins 19 secs)
TonioloAntonio Toniolo, MD, FAMH
Are Polioviruses playing a pathogenic role in the late consequences of polio?
(10 mins 53 secs)
Vandenakker-AlbaneseCarol Vandenakker-Albanese, MD
Components of Comprehensive Post-Polio Management
(28 mins 13 secs)
WiseHolly H Wise, PT, PhD
The Importance of Posture
(16 mins 49 secs)