Since the 1980s there has been considerable research into the causes and effects of, and diagnosis, treatment and therapies for, the late effects of polio and post-polio syndrome. Sadly, in Australia, there has been little interest or research in this area.

The post-polio research database on this website seeks to bring relevant, credible, peer-reviewed post-polio research papers to inform health professionals working with post-polio patients. In this endeavour, Polio Australia is grateful to Post-Polio Health International, Dr Mary Westbrook, and Dr Farid Khan, for their assistance in developing the database.

There are currently 442 research papers recorded in the database. For ease of locating papers of interest, they may be recorded in more than one relevant category. Note that research papers are being added to the database on an ongoing basis so the absence of any particular paper on this website as at its last update is not a reflection on the value of that paper.

Research Lists

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Alphabetical and category lists of all papers in the Polio Health website’s post-polio research database can be accessed here, together with sources for finding post-polio research papers.


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There are currently full details of 442 papers in the post-polio research database, across 45 different categories representing different aspects of LEoP and PPS diagnosis and management.


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Search for papers in the post-polio research database by topic or author, or read/search the content of abstracts, then access full details of your search results.